22 august 2017

Participation in the thematic program "Young ITisniki"

In August 2017 in the Odessa city children's health and sports complex "Victoria" the staff of ICS and  GF of ONPU  got invitation of the Department of Education and Science of the Odessa City Council to conduct master-classes on the basics of IT using the board game "Algorithms of Mechanical Robots" in the framework of Erasmus+KA2-project "GameHub: University-Entreprises Cooperation in Game Industry in Ukraine".

20 august 2017

Robots on vacation

On Friday, August 18, at children's sports camp 'Victoria' at the Festival of Robotics «ROBOTRONIKA 2017' was a presentation of robotic developments from leading robotics laboratories of Odessa.

24 july 2017

Attention students! HOUR OPEN DOOR

Entrant - 2017! An hour open door at the Odessa National Polytechnic University will be conducted each Thursday from 13.30 to 15.00.

24 july 2017

Attention applicants entering the 5th course!

Attention applicants entering the 5th course for specialties 122 and 151!

18 july 2017

Educational collectible card game

In the spring semester, 1st year students of the Computer Science specialty of the Information Systems Department of the ICS ONPU participated in the development of desktop educational card games on the subjects of the discipline "Operating Systems" in the framework of the implementation Erasmus+KA2-project "GameHub: University-enterprises cooperation in game industry in Ukraine".

16 july 2017

Published rating lists for academic scholarship

Attention to students! Published rating lists for the appointment of academic scholarships.

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